Prespective is the most versatile and stable real-time development platform.

Prespective offers multiple features and advantages to help you create your simulation with precision and control. Explore the possibilities below.

Validate your throughput.

Prespective gives you the tools to calculate product flows and identify bottlenecks in your system. Generate reports and export data for analysis.

  • Lower TCO

  • Faster time to market

  • Quickly validate your software

Building a virtual prototype in Prespective with your own CAD files.

Import a wide range of CAD-data into Prespective and create your own custom library of modules. Edit your setup directly in our software environment.

Use our modular library of assets to setup your system

Our ever-expanding library of modular assets are adjustable to your needs. Drag and drop them into your scene for quick setup and review.

Simulation behaviour without coding.

Prespective is created so that there is no need for complex coding knowledge. Directly manipulate modules to create the exact behaviour you need.

Photorealistic imagery for marketing purposes.

The Unity game-engine gives you the options to create detailed and professional looking images and videos directly from your simulation.

A team of experts at your fingertips.

Our team is ready to help you build your first digital twin.

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